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Dedicated to my Dad, Arthur Miles, who was very patient playing tennis with me as a kid on the public courts at the neighborhood high school. He was a great guy and we miss him every day.

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Featuring Ultimate Tennis 4.0 doubles and singles matches in Sarasota, FL.

Interviews with Ian Westerman (Essential Tennis), Bud Collins, Billie Jean King and Julie Heldman

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Practicing deuce, ad court and volley drills in Sarasota against Leo of “Have Racket Will Tennis” who gets thanks for editing the highlights. (www.dougmilesmedia.com)

Tennis Matches, Interviews, Instruction

Interview with Ian Westermann author of "Essential Tennis"

Doug Miles talks with Ian Westermann Author “Essential Tennis: Improve Faster, Play Smarter and Win More Matches” on “Talk Across America”. Book link available at www.dougmilesmedia.com.

Interview with Tennis Legend Billie Jean King

Doug Miles talks with tennis great Billie Jean King about her career in the game.

Interview with Tennis HOF'er & Broadcaster Julie Heldman Author “Driven: A Daughter’s Odyssey”

Don Henderson and Doug Miles talk with Tennis Hall of Famer and broadcaster Julie Heldman about her book “Driven: A Daughter’s Odyssey” about her life in tennis, broadcasting and dealing with her own bi-polar disorder and mental health challenges on “Sports Talk”. Book link available at www.dougmilesmedia.com.

Interview with Steven Blush Author “Bustin’ Balls: World Team Tennis 1974-78”

Don Henderson and Doug Miles talk with Steven Blush author “Bustin’ Balls: World Team Tennis 1974-78 Pro Sports, Pop Culture and Progressive Politics”. Book link available at (www.dougmilesmedia.com).

 Nick Bollettieri Documentary Review

Don Henderson and Doug Miles review "Love Means Zero" the Nick Bollettieri documentary at the Sarasota Film Festival 4/21/18. (www.dougmilesmedia.com)

 “Sports Talk” Guest Legendary Tennis Broadcaster and Sportswriter Bud Collins

From the archives: A conversation with legendary tennis broadcaster and longtime sportswriter for the Boston Globe, Bud Collins as aired WSRQ radio, Sarasota, Florida 1-02-2007. (www.dougmilesmedia.com)